Monthly Archives: August 2010

Learned about America

Today I learned at school is America and about the bald eagle too and I learned a lot.

Brandon and Me

Brandon and I  played video games until I left to go home. It was fun! Actually it was  really fun!!!

Math and Frogs

today at school,i was doing math and thinking about frogs. I’m not really sure why.

Nate’s Karate Video!

Check out this short video I put together for Nate showing off his new Karate skills. It’s nothing short of amazing, considering he has only been in Karate for less than two months – we are all very proud of him. 


When I was at Karate today I got to do my kata.

Double Bubble!

What I learned today is a dubble bubble map. A dubble bubble map is character map with writting on top of it.


What I learnd at school today is writing long words like “Drawing” and “writing”.   I also learned some hard math.

Crazy Kids doing Crazy Frog!

Lazer Collection

These are just some funny lazer videos i like.

Adding and minusing with words

When I got to school today I did morning work that was hard in math. We did addition and subtraction where we had to read and then circle groups of things. I leaned how to ready word problems.

At School today

The  first  thing  I  did  this morning is  I wrote  a  sentece  that  said  I like  to  run  in  the  puddles  is  fun.  After that I did so  many things I  can’t  remember them all.

At Karate today

I  learned to  do a cutkick  today but  we didn’t  get  to  box.  I received my yellow belt today.

My cat

My cat is really crazy. He likes  to beat up my Nana. I like to snuggle with him he does it  to  me  too.

The Beginning!

I have not had any really good thoughts yet – im just getting started…