Monthly Archives: September 2010

Riding my quad

Two weekends ago I went quading with my dad.  It was when I was at my dads house. But papa when you see this sentence it’s gonna be a big old one. Ok now where was I? Oh now I remember.  The quading days were on Sunday and Saturday and I did doughnuts.  It was really fun!!!

Mentos and Karate

When I find mentos in my karate bag I eat them all. And when Isaac saw them he wanted three.  Im serious he wanted three because He loves them!

Orange Belt

Nate received his orange belt today!  He has worked very hard and it shows in his movements and self-confidence.  I could not be a more proud grandparent.  Congratulations Nate, well done!  

Karate was weird

Karate was weird today because I was the only one there.  No Isaac no Ken no Kyle isnt that weird? If you are in karate and you were the only one there, would you freak out because you were all alone?

The dump

Ok, let me give you some good advice and quit being impatient, im only 7. Im just messing with you ok.  Four weeks ago I went to the dump, you do not want to be at that place man!!! It smelled like butt stink seriously it did. if you were there you would agree how it smelled.

Knucker is a bearded dragon

Today we are gonna talk about Knucker. Knucker is a bearded dragon.  All he does is eats, sleeps and poops! Do you have one? If you have a dragon, what does he or she do?  Whatever they are, tell us what they do on

School is the same every day.

I can’t believe school is the same every day. Is it weird I want it  to be different?

The same thing from yesterday

Today we did the same thing today it was weird, right?  But it was a good day and I liked it.

Karate was fun

Today at karate I had a private lesson. I got to box with Sensei it was fun! My papa was there too and he said he was proud of me. It made me feel happy.


At karate today I wrestled  Isaac. He  Was to big for me but I stade on him pretty good. It was fun.


I finilly finished the America packit it was like you had to write about America it was kind of fun. But drawing it is fun.

Lines in a Circle

At karate today I learned how to do boxing with white lines that’s a circle, I think my Sensei called it sumo wrestling. And you can’t fall out of the circle or else you get two more trys.


At school today I had a doughnut and I did two spelling test one was four pages. And the other one was short.