Monthly Archives: October 2010

I love Bacon!

I eat bacon. I eat bacon on my pancakes I eat bacon all the time. I eat bacon everywhere. I eat bacon before karate. I think about bacon.  I am bacon!

whole numbers

I learnd whole numbers today. Some whole numbers are 2,4,6,8,10,20. whole numbers that are even numbers can be dividid by two. It was a good day at school.

All about me

Yesterday a lizard was on my pants and there was a really really big lizard in the bathroom. But when I got to class I sat down to do my work and when I looked in my desk there was a lizard on my pants. And everybody noticed that I put on colone today and today was […]

My friends

My friends are really nice.  My friends are Adri Justin Maryjo and Kaleb those are all my friends. But some day they will have a website, would you like to have a website? Sometimes my friends come to my house but I wish they came over right now.  When your friends come over what do you guys […]

My baby brother

My baby brother is so crazy and yesterday my brother smacked me on my two eyeballs.  My brother wrestles me and he hits my cat too. Hes just  crazy to my mom, my Antie, my nana and me. He sometimes good and sometimes bad. But when he takes a nap he sometimes sleeps for two ours or three […]

I was the only one at karate today

I was the only one at Karate today because Isaac and Kyle and Ken don’t come on Wednesdays any more. I think Isaac doesn’t come on Wednesday because he has hockey and kung fu, and Ken has football. So thats all I remeber from karate today so have a good one –  bye.

Today I went camping

today I went camping in the woods with my dad and it was really scary.  I saw an elk and I saw three deers.  But I also found a hundred B Bs on the ground in one day. There was lots and lots of BBs there.  We also made smors they were really good and my smor catched on fire!  My dad told me to […]

Karate was a short

Karate was short today but I don’t know why it was short. Do you know why  it was short? But if you do not know then thats okay. But papa at karate today it was short for me. But it was still fun for me.

Karate is cool

Karate is cool! But why is it so cooooool? I know  you get to do power punches.   And if you have all the belts already.  Those belts are really important. Now do you see what it means?  And karate is very important.