Monthly Archives: November 2010

When I spended the night at Kalebs house.

On Saturday I spendt the night at Kalebs house. And we played the Wii. We played Super Smash Bros. We also watched tv but most of all we played our DS games. Then on Sunday I forgot to say hi to my dad then I said hi and stayed over there for a while and […]

I made a turkey.

Today I made a turkey it was really fun.I made a long leg turkey and I wish I had two turkeys to make. but someone copied my turkey. I wish no one copied mine but a kid named Brandon copied mine.

All the things I did at school today

At school I went to music.  The music teacher showed us the tuba, the french horn, and the trumpet.  All of the instruments were so loud.  I got to feel the vibration.  When I sat down and the tuba was playing I could feel the vibration on my seat.

My helicopter

I got a new helicopter on Wednesday we got two helicopters. My papa broke his already but I did’nt because I keep mine slow and steady. Our helicopters color is yellow. Today my helicopter is still not broken and my Antie bought me drawing paper, their really big. I took two pieces of paper and […]

I just dont know

Ok i’m suppose to write a blog today, but  I just dont know what to write. I wrote about karate, about my brother, and I even wrote about bacon. I think I must have writers block, at least thats what my papa says. So, I thought I would ask you. what would you like me to write about. […]

Soldier Dane

Yesterday we had a soldier come in our classroom his name is Soldier Dane.  He’s the captain of  his team and he was a Marine. He just now got out of boot camp. He’s ben training for two years and he told us that he does Martial Arts, and he was wearing a really cool suit, it looked […]

Halloween was cool

Halloween is cool. I was a soldier for halloween and I got 50 pieces of candy and I rested for a while.  Then I went to go  trick or treat.  I saw Adri  – Adri was a monster hi cheerleader it was freaky. But she actually looked funny.  She and I stared at each other  […]