Monthly Archives: January 2011

Moshi Monsters

Moshi monsters is a pretty fun game. My friend Kaleb is on moshi monsters so I thought if hes on moshi monsters .Then maybe I could go on it so I did but I had to wait untill the next day then I got two go on moshi monsters I picked furi hes really furi […]


today I learned regrouping with candy it was fun but I was done I got to eat it all we use marshmellows and redlines but  we had to take the redlines a part then I was done and we ate them but sorry thats all I can think of  by.

on Sunday

On Sunday morning we went to see a water fall and it was a half a mile. We went to the white tank mountain but when we were close to the waterfall my legs started to hurt. Then we were there and there was no water it was all dried up. Then we had to […]

New years eve

On new years eve me and my mom stayed up all night and played video games all night like Raving Rabbits Go Home almost to the top of the moon. It said two players on the  back of the case, but it really wasn’t. You can spray the rabbit all orange – don’t ever do this.  […]