Monthly Archives: February 2011

the bee

Today I learned a lot about bees. We  read a book and watched a movie.The movie was creepy to me.  I fell asleep my friend Braxton woke me up. I learned when the queen bee lays eggs her eggs are twice as small than a crumb. Also the bees legs are baskets because they carry honey.

My Ology books

I have some Ology books. I have Dragonology, Wizardology,Monsterolgy,  and Pirateology. Well that is all, and I love them to and if you think they are cool go to the book store and get some.  My Auntie is the one who gave me them to me.

That is a mean ice cream truck!

We said, hey come back you mean ice cream truck… oh hello.   Me and my friend were waiting for the ice cream truck and we heard it around the block but it never even came to my block.  I had to wait for a hour in back of the truck and if you laugh it is not funny, […]

The field trip

Oh yah uh hu o hello…  Im going to a field trip at school, we are going to the wildlife world zoo aquarium. I have never been there before and its gonna be so much fun I can hardly wait. There’s gonna be stingrays, lions, jaguaurs, monkeys and reptiles. Oh, I forgot I have to pack […]

Karate was awesome

Oh my gosh karate was awesome I did boxing I was boxing Kyle and I beat Kyle at boxing and Chance at wrestling  even Edward. So you don’t ever want to box me because I think I kind of hurt kyle I dont know, so that is why. And my papa made a video so I […]

Nate’s Next Karate Video

Nate has taken his Karate to the next level and is putting on a display of skill in this new video (see below) we could barely have imagined just a few months ago. The video shows Nate sparing with a class mate while Sensei Jiro Shiroma looks on and provides both guidance and instruction.  I had […]