Monthly Archives: March 2011

The concert

I went to a concert on Saturday with my Mom.   I had to wear ear plugs.  I went to see Corvus the band but everybody kept on pushing me to get there way and kept blocking me so we had to leave.  We also went to Peter Piper Pizza had pizza, played games and had fun!

The Ostrich Fair

 The ostrich fair was so cool I even saw Fredie from iCarly I got a picture of him and me. And there was cool rides there I went into this house of  mirrors  and I ran into a mirror it was hard to find my way out and I went on a superman ride where […]

Extinct Animals

You know that dodo birds were not alive anymore. Even mamoths too. That is what I learnd. So be caurful,  they could  come  alive  again they might peck you.

What I did at my friend Justins house

Just to let you know my friend Justins house is very big. Today me and Justin were playing the wii we played wii party it was fun. Then we played hide and go seek it was fun. And we also played out side we were playing with a toy rocket, unfortunately I got the rocket […]

The life about chimpanzees

Today at school I learned about chimpanzees they also use tools. They use leafs, stems, and twigs they use leaves to drink water from streams and they also wipe there butt with leaves! Also they use stems to dig up termites and eat them.