Monthly Archives: April 2011

Water Park

I love the water park a few days ago we went to the water park. I saw my friends from school there and I got really soaked. I also use a water gun kids kept on running  through the water I also sat on a water pipe and it squirted water at me then I […]


I love project because you can play on the computer and play chess. But the thing I really like to do is play chess but me and Maryjogo to project Maryjo is my friend the thing that gets boring is I always win. Thats what gets boring well its my bed time so goodnight to […]

favorite things

 what is your favorite color, food, toys, books, even games?  Ill tell you what mine is. My favorite color is black and white and food is burittos, Jr bacon cheese burger, Diary of a Wimpy kid and call of duty black ops and call of duty modern wafare 2. Thats mine,  whats yours? Just post […]

I can use my mind

Hey you guys, I can us myMIND . Because  yesterday I asked my nana if she could play with with me but she couldnt so I had an idea. I thought to take three wii remotes and turn them on and put them in my pocket and run with wii Fit, and I did.  I raced against […]