Monthly Archives: May 2011

I got out of school

You know I got out of school last Wensaday I’m having somuch fun I just got back inside from our water balloon fight.Today I went on a electric bikewe went to the park,and nanas house in June my family will be going on a vacation.

this year I’m going

This year I am going on a vacation to California. On June 2oth we are going to  stay at a hotel. It’s going to be so fun. We might go to Disneyland and get toys but we might not go to California.

Reading Olympics

Yesterday I got a medal at my school. And it was gold medal and I had to squeeze in with my friends on stage. Did I ever tell you I had a phone? Well I do, and I brought it with me.  When my teacher called me up to the stage to give me my medal, I came down […]

Monkey Quest

I love monkeyquest because you can be a monkey. If you love that game you maybe at home screaming monkeyquest! I joined monkeyquest last week. When I started I was so happy I could even eat a hole monkey.

I like pokemon

I love pokemon but don’t laugh at me because I like pokemon. Me, Kris, Ali,and Kaleb – well I, almost got the big card from Kristopher ,but instead I got a dark one. Do you know how many pokemon cards I have? I have 342.