Monthly Archives: June 2011

When I went to my cousins house

Last week I went to my cousins house. Me and my cousen Paddy played Call of Duty BO, it means Blackops. Then we went on webcam, I don’t really know what it means but I do know that I had fun because I went swimming.  When I jumped in, I accidently splashed her. I also was […]

My anties birthday party……

Yesterday, we had my anties birthday party  it was fun. My friend Justin was there it was a 80’s party I didn’t  really dress up. Oh and my friend Jacob was there he dressed and Justin did too.  We had fun and we played call of duty mw2 that was fun. We took   3 pictures […]

I went to a magic show…and more

A few days ago I went to a magic show with Justin. But this is really cool I saw my friend from karate there but she left early. But the magishun called out a volenteer he picked a kid name Nathaniel And Nathaniel took out a dollar the magishun threw  the dollar and it vanished […]

When I was at my Sensei’s party

On Friday night My mom spiked my hair and me and my papa and nana went to my Sensei’s birthday party. The restraunte was called Ah-so but this chef cooked right in front of us and he made the meat talk to me. Then he took a shrimp and tried to throw it into my […]

When I washed my Papa’s car

Yesterday I washed my Papa’s car. I asked my Papa if my friend Adri could help me wash his car. He said, “Yes!”. So I went to Adri’s house and to see if she could help me wash my Papa’s car. She said, “Yes!” and came over and sprayed me with the hose. So I […]

A Day with my Auntie. . .

A few days ago I had a day with my auntie. But she surprised me and the cool part was that we saw Thor it was a really good movie. After the movie we went to my favorite bo0k store Borders! Me and my auntie bought  the movie Ramona and Beezes and also bought madlibs. And we […]