Monthly Archives: July 2011

Justin joined karate…

On Wednesday my friend Justin joined my karate class. I was a so excited that he finally came. Then class started, and  then after class was done we did “dance” (Kata) practice. After we were done, me and Justin wrestled. It was fun He is doing great, and we did do a lot of work.

chick chick chicken

just a pack of funny chicken videos

water party…

On Saturday we had a water party. It was fun because we had alot of water guns and food. When I got on the slip & slide, I didn’t even slide but I did slip alot. I was very wet too.  When my papa came on,  he started to jump and the whole  thing was shaking […]

I went to California

I went to California on Thursday and we had a crazy and long trip, we had to go 299 miles. It was just a long trip. When we got there it was probably 7:00 clock. When we were in the room the air conditionaing wasn’t working so we went to the office and the guy seemed to forget us […]