Monthly Archives: August 2011

My yoyo

last week I got a Ned yoyo its really cool. It yos really well when you throw it hard it stay there then comes up by its self. Its an awesome,yoyo Im even aloud to do it at school with my friends. Also my friends even have one they have different ones a ,cosmic spin,glow in […]


Last week I made candy towers with my friend it was fun. We made the biggest candy tower ever but we got in 2 place also we got candy! But we didn’t get to eat it until school was over.

First day of school

Two weeks ago it was the first day of school. It was a awesome day we made candy towers we had spaghetti. I like my teacher her name is Ms. Douglas, she is a nice teacher. I also have some friends from last year their names are Kassidy, MaryJo, Kris, Jimmy, Katlynn, James, Jacob, Devin, Luke, last […]

Yesterday we played volleyball…

Yesterday we went to the park to play vollyball and something else that was called Badminton.

What I did this summer…

When I was in summer it was fun. Also I played Call of Duty I also got a new scooter that I love, when I rode it it was like riding a pillow. And I got a new belt from karate and it’s green.  Tomorrow I’m going to my friends house man its just getting […]

I’m getting ready for school

On July 1, I started getting ready for school. Now tomorrow is my reading day, then the next day is math day.  Its gonna be fun but the math paper is gonna be hard.  So far I read some Pokemon Books, Dragon Books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books and Harry Potter.  I have also been […]