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Goosebumps is a series of scary books and movies which are not even scary at all.  I watched a movie last night that was realy funny.  They sprayed this guy with a weed killer and he turned into a weed with three leaves. One of the leaves turned into a fist and then you hear an […]

Just in time from Justin

Hi, my name is Justin and I am Nathaniel’s friend from kindergarten.  This is my first time writing on this part of the website.  I take karate with Nathaniel and I just got my yellow belt.  I am 8 years old and am in 3rd grade but go to a different school as Nathaniel.  Thanks […]

Justin is a member of my website

Do you know whats cool? Justin is now a member of my website, we also gave him a login in password and everything atleast you can check it out on my website its called just in time ok. Well I guess we are gonna be a little popular alright ;o oh I almost forgot to […]

Justin is now a yellow belt

Im so happy for justin! Hes my friend and now he’s a yellow belt. I wonder what he looks like with a yellow belt, well I guess its not that important but it is exciting and awesome. I’m also grateful for you Justin, goodluck.

I went to Bearizona

Last Saturday I went to Bearizona. It was a long trip to flagstaff cant you believe it, it was all the way in flagstaff. It was awesome. We went threw a drive-threw zoo. during the drive-threw, we saw a Arctic  wolves with out the gate and it was right by our truck. Then we saw three bison. After […]