Monthly Archives: October 2011

I went to the State Fair!

Yesterday, my friend Justin, my mom, my papa, my nana, my antie, Larry, Barbra, Alex, Alex’s friend and I all went to the Arizona State Fair!  It was awesome, we played games and went on a lot of rides, we even went  on a the fares wheel, rollercoaster, and bumper cars.  We also went on this one […]

Nathaniel gets another green belt

Nathaniel gets another green belt.  He gets the third degree of a greenbelt.  The next belt he has to get is the brown belt.  Iam only a yellow belt but I am happy for Nathaniel.  Nathaniel if you read this good luck.  Just so you know on the day Nathaniel got his third degree green belt […]

I learned how to use a drill…

Hey guess what, I finally learned how to use a drill. But it was my first time useing a drill at age8 isn’t that wierd.My papa tot me how and it was hard because I was helping my papa get the fishtank ready. So when I stoped helping I dicided to practice on a peace […]

I have a week off from school

Do you know whats cool? I don’t have school for a whole week and on Sunday I went to the movie theaters with my dad and my friend Kaleb. We also saw ReelSteel you know the robot boxing movie on comershules, thats the movie we saw it was awesome it was 3 hours, and I […]

It was Sam’s birthday…

On Saturday, we had a Marvel birthday party for Sam and we decorated the whole house!  It was awesome, and there were lots of kids. some of their names were Justin, Kaleb, and Kaiden. Justin was Captain America, Kaleb was Bumblebee, Kaiden was Superboy and I was Mighty Thor! My Nana was Electra, my Papa was Worshock, my […]

The marvel party!

the marvel party at nathaniel`s house was realy fun.  We played mortal kombat and Nathaniel almost won every time we played.  There was a guy dressed up like the joker and he almost killed us.  I dressed up as captain america and Nathaniel dressed up as thor.  

Diary of a wimpy kid do-it yourself book

Diary of a wimpy kid is a book by Jeff Kinney.  Greg is the main character.  But one day i found Diary of a wimpy kid do-it yourself  book.  You can write what ever you want in it. Comment me if you have it.  Just so you know dont write that you have it just […]

Assembly at my school…

Do you know whats fun? We always have assembly on the first friday of the month. But the reasen why its fun is because you get to anuonce who gets a ribben and anounce who gets a packege for student of the month. And say the Pledge of Alegence,  sing the Star Spangled Banner,but I […]

Josh and Dylan

Josh and Dylan are my best friends from my new school.  Dylan plays kickball and football.  Josh took me to an airshow and we went swimming.  I usually go on the swings with Josh.

I adopted a puppy

I am so,so,so happy. Do you know why? I… adopted a dog!!!!! Well the sad part is that I found her by a pom tree when I was on my way home and right when I went by my my nanas and papas home,  it was right thier, so then I wen’t to the the car […]

Patricks 20 funny moments

Patrick is a character from spongebob who has a video that`s realy funny.It has 20 funny stuff about him.Look underneath this comment and you will see this video