Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas break…

The day before Christmas Eve. My school teacher gave us no school until Jan.9, do you know what I did for the past few days? I bloged,picked up doodo, played Mario and Sonic wii game, had Christmas Eve party,Christmas and alot more. But…its good to have a break for once from school,right. I got to […]

Merry Christmas…

Christmas was so awesome dont you agree? I got alot of stuff,I got, Modern Warfere 3, SkyEye from Santa because it had a sticker that said from Santa to Nathaniel, and4 dsi xl games, Bayblade, candy,mints,remote contral car, Airwarrior gun, and a 20 dollar bill.They were really cool stuff. I also went to my dads […]

My Birthday

Last Friday it was my birthday. Now im 9. Isnt that cool?. But, on Saturday I had my Birthdayparty it was awesome I got alot of presents,we also had cake with my face as a baby to a 8 year old. The flavor was strawberry and chocolate it was good,and we played the Xbox360 Kenect […]

Zoo lights

Last Friday we wen’t to Zoolights it was awesome!!!! We saw lots of light animals but we didn’t see alot of animals. Here are the people who were there Justin, little James,mom,antie,papa,nana,big James,Vanesa,Alex,  

Castles and Coasters is Awesome

Yesterday I went to castles and coasters with my family.  My favorite ride was the Patriot.  The patriot is a big bad rollercoaster.  I also rode the free fall three times. I realy liked the magic carpet that goes backwards and forwards.  The scariest ride was the sea dragon.  We didn’t get to go mini […]


Ok last week it was the greatest Thanksgiving ever! Their was alot of people too. Thier was18 people , but thier was turky,lots of pie,and fruit. We played games on the Xbox360Kenect we played UFC,lord of the Rings,Acecombat, and Castlecrashers it was really fun. But we also watched a movie called Tron Legacy it..was..awsesome!!!!!!!!! I played football with […]