Monthly Archives: January 2012

I got my brown belt…

Two weeks ago I got my brown belt!!!! But I worked really hard for it too. But also I had to do 40 punches and 20 kicks, and did you know in my karate class you have to be 16 to be a black belt. But theres only two brown belts in my class me […]

My Orange Belt

I got my orange belt on Friday at karate!

candy factory

On Wenesday we wen’t to a Candy Factory they had lots of candy like chocolate,mint,and peppermint. But it was all closed till 11 oclock so we went to a Antiqe store that had everything they also had a polar bear that was the second biggest in the world it took 20 bullets to kill it. […]

I went hiking

On Tuesday I went hiking with Justin and his family. It was really fun because we went to the top of the mountain. But I did need to get a refill a couple of times, but when we reached to the car we had to use the bathroomso we went but thier were no bathroom doors […]

Justins Orange belt…

I am so happy for Justin. Because he’s getting his orange belt today. But I just want to say that he’s a really good Karate student, everytime I box him or wrestle him he gets better  and better, and I even see it. But still im happy for him,  and I cant wate to go to […]

spongebob dynamite video

Dynamite-Spongebob  This video is realy funny it shows spongebob and his friends singing dynamite.  If you want to see it check below this message.


Christmas was awesome. I got lots of toys and stuff. I got two realy awesome video games.  There names were Just dance 3 and disney universe.  I also got the doctor dreadfuls zombie lab.  It tasted realy gooooooooooooood! The barf was my favorite one. bye!