Monthly Archives: June 2012

Xbox night

On Monday night we had an Xbox night!!! We played Kenect sports, it was at papas house. We had so much fun, and my mom got 95 points on the game. And last time, she had 81 on the game. All I got was 42. Then I had to go to karate.

The school camp

Last week we had a school camp at school. We even got to bring our dsi’s,sleeping bags, and food. I brung 2 bags of Hot Cheetos. Our teacher,Ms.Douglas, told us really scary stories. They were so scary I screamed and ran out the room. We also made smores. They were good, after that we told […]

Lazer Quest

Last Friday I went to Lazer Quest. It was so so so so fun. 3 other kids came, a 12 year old, a 16 year old, and a 18,year old. There names were Andie,Ricky, and I didn’t no the oldest one. But when we started the game, we got big lazer guns. You also get […]


I remember when it was Easter. It was so fun. The Easter bunny also ate my eggs and left a foot print by the front door. And you don’t want to no where I found my easter basket that hold the presents. They were in…the… washing machine!! What was inside was a Xploder gun,2 trash […]

My brothers birthday

On May 5 it was my brothers birthday. We wen’t to David Busters, have you ever herd of that place? If you have just commet about David Busters when ever you like. Ok back to what I was talking about, ok , it was a long drive too. The poeple who were there were,mom,papa,nana,auntie,Alex,Lary,Barbra,Joe,and Candice. […]