Monthly Archives: August 2012

1st day of school

Yay! It was my first day of school on Monday, it was so fun my teachers name is Mrs.Rodgers and she is so nice. The kids in my class are Ephraim, Devin, Brianna, Isabella, Isabel, Tyesha, Noah, Raiden,Vuong, Bianca, Geovonne, Isreal, Alfonso, Damian, Jimmy, John, Samone, Ali Alhadi, Abdula, Katlynn, Savannah, Desean, and Jaleryk. And […]

Haveing my uncle Steve and my cousin Patty here…

Two weeks ago I had my uncle Steve and my cousin Patty come down from Illinois. It was so fun because we wen’t swimming at midnight and played MW3. We also made really funny jokes and spent the night over at there second house. I went swimming like five times over there but Patty only swam once, […]