Monthly Archives: January 2013

Christmas!!!!! It was Christmas!!!! It was awesome aaaaah!!!!

Christmas was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I got alot of awesome things. I got a Prime 8, a football, a gooey bug maker, a mario toy,  pokemon tooth brush, and a ninjago toy. I dont know the rest though. Oh yea I also got a spy watch. I spyed on my mom. Hehehehehe dont tell her that. And […]

My Birthday

My Birthday was awesome, because we went to LazerQuest. The friends that I invited were Xavier, Justin, Noah, Kaleb, Luke, Ethan, Desean, and Kris. The people that didnt come were Desean, Luke, Ethan, and Kris. Although it was really fun I got alot of presents, they were cool. I got computer headphones, a minecraft shirt, […]


Ok have you ever played Minecraft? Because it is the best block game on the Xbox360 in the world!! Lol its funny because I got my papa into Minecraft, we both built a huge castle its really awesome. And if u havent ever played it, there”s creative mode, survival mode, Updates, and enchantments. And for […]

I got a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayy!!! I just got a new puppy today. She has the prettiest colors ever! She is covered in black and she has white going down her neck. She”s very pretty. Right now she”s sleeping, and she”s only 2 months old. But she has stiches right now because she just got fixed before we got her. […]