Monthly Archives: March 2013

Safety Torch!

This video isn’t from minecraft parodies. But its made by tobuscus. Its about a torch thats supposed to be safe but its not.

I can swing my sword

This video is a funny minecraft parody with a diamond sword! This is made from tobuscus videos.

asdf movies

Asdf movies are the funniest videos on earth! There so funny because they have the randomest things on earth. Like a guy saying quick shoot me in the face. If you like these videos comment me and tell me which one you liked. BYE BYE.  


I go to p.i. at my school. This is a program where a lot of creative kids in the whole school go to one class. One day we had to write fortune cookies. My favorite one was “I stole your face”. I also liked my other one that said “you found Nemo!”. The other kids […]

Roblox is funny

A game called roblox. This game is so fun online. My favorite game is be a parent, kid, or pet. I like it because one time me and my friend Dylan were dressed as babies and Dylan peed on the dog and it chased us to our house! But then Dylan hid in our mom’s […]