Monthly Archives: April 2015

New update for Minecraft

There is a new update that came out a couple of months ago. It came with, witches, horses, bats, donkeys, mules, new blocks, more red stone stuff. I’m mostly messing with the red stone. Its really fun. I’ve made my own building world that has troll faces, Goku, enderman statues, and more so I will […]

Ask me

Hey guys, its Nate here, I’m just letting you guys know that the contact me is always available, if you ever want to just ask me something. Or maybe you just want me to tell more about things, or you can even ask me if I can post more of something. I’ve got so many […]


Last year I had so much fun, I went to comicon! My family and I didn’t really dress up because it was our first time! Though, we saw Star wars, Assassins Creed, Star Trek, Walking Dead, Marvel, Dc, World of Warcraft, The lord of the rings, and so much more! My favorite was the Star […]

NP Academy

So, I’ve been at my school (sunset) from K through 6th. My friends have been telling me about this school that is a very good school, and its called NP Academy. I did some research on how go it was and I found that it was a triple A school. I think its a private school […]

Hey guys!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve not been posting, I’ve had so many things to do in the past years, like, now I’m into soccer! I do and go to many things now. I’m in student council at my school, I go mountain biking with my papa now! So I just decided to try and make time […]