Monthly Archives: May 2015

Being Sick

Hey guys, man I was sick, I wasn’t able to post for a while because I was sick. I had a chest problem, strep throat, watery eyes, a head ache, and more. I was just bad. Though, I’m all better! So now I can start posting again… yay! I will post more soon so stay […]

My second bike ride

My second bike ride was a blast! I was zooming through the trails, down hill, up hill, everywhere. I was doing so good. I conquered a really high cliff that was really fun. There were bumble bees every where, we heard coyotes, quails were running around, and the sweet smell of the creosote bushes. I […]

My first mountain bike ride

As you know I have been riding for a while in the mountains, but today I am going to share my experience on my first mountain bike ride! Well, when I first got to the mountain, I was nervous, I was really nervous. I honestly thought I was going to fall because of all the […]