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What’s going on!!!!!

Hey guys whats up, sorry me and Nate haven’t posted in a while. We were all busy and stuff. There’s one reason I haven’t posted, Im in the CCDI Program at school. CCDI is basicially like p.i., except it’s all day.  Also AIMS is this week for me. I hope I do good on this. […]

Tara and melissa

My two new friends (Tara might be my Gf,) on roblox. We make videos together, and its really fun to hang out with these two.

The best song ever!

Skrillex the first of the year is awesome check it out right here

Safety Torch!

This video isn’t from minecraft parodies. But its made by tobuscus. Its about a torch thats supposed to be safe but its not.

I can swing my sword

This video is a funny minecraft parody with a diamond sword! This is made from tobuscus videos.

asdf movies

Asdf movies are the funniest videos on earth! There so funny because they have the randomest things on earth. Like a guy saying quick shoot me in the face. If you like these videos comment me and tell me which one you liked. BYE BYE.  


I go to p.i. at my school. This is a program where a lot of creative kids in the whole school go to one class. One day we had to write fortune cookies. My favorite one was “I stole your face”. I also liked my other one that said “you found Nemo!”. The other kids […]

Roblox is funny

A game called roblox. This game is so fun online. My favorite game is be a parent, kid, or pet. I like it because one time me and my friend Dylan were dressed as babies and Dylan peed on the dog and it chased us to our house! But then Dylan hid in our mom’s […]

Super smash bros brawl

Super smash bros brawl is a fun video game combined with characters from lots of other video games. For example ness from Earthbound or Lucas from Mother 3 (japan only) and it’s really fun

I am sorry

I am sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time so I will blog right now.

Save the black bear

I am going to save the black bear by selling a sweet drink called Sweet Lemon Lime. Then I will donate the money to a zoo and they will find them a good home. Black bears are threatned because people think they are vicious. I hope you haven`t killed a black bear yet. Check out […]

My Orange Belt

I got my orange belt on Friday at karate!

spongebob dynamite video

Dynamite-Spongebob  This video is realy funny it shows spongebob and his friends singing dynamite.  If you want to see it check below this message.


Christmas was awesome. I got lots of toys and stuff. I got two realy awesome video games.  There names were Just dance 3 and disney universe.  I also got the doctor dreadfuls zombie lab.  It tasted realy gooooooooooooood! The barf was my favorite one. bye!

Castles and Coasters is Awesome

Yesterday I went to castles and coasters with my family.  My favorite ride was the Patriot.  The patriot is a big bad rollercoaster.  I also rode the free fall three times. I realy liked the magic carpet that goes backwards and forwards.  The scariest ride was the sea dragon.  We didn’t get to go mini […]

arizona state fair

I went to the state fair with Nathaniel!   We went on a feris wheel that goes two hundred feet.  Two hundred feet is realy high.  We also went on a thing that goes so fast it sticks yu to the wall.  The scariest ride we went on was a swing that goes realy high.  We […]

Nathaniel gets another green belt

Nathaniel gets another green belt.  He gets the third degree of a greenbelt.  The next belt he has to get is the brown belt.  Iam only a yellow belt but I am happy for Nathaniel.  Nathaniel if you read this good luck.  Just so you know on the day Nathaniel got his third degree green belt […]

The marvel party!

the marvel party at nathaniel`s house was realy fun.  We played mortal kombat and Nathaniel almost won every time we played.  There was a guy dressed up like the joker and he almost killed us.  I dressed up as captain america and Nathaniel dressed up as thor.  

Diary of a wimpy kid do-it yourself book

Diary of a wimpy kid is a book by Jeff Kinney.  Greg is the main character.  But one day i found Diary of a wimpy kid do-it yourself  book.  You can write what ever you want in it. Comment me if you have it.  Just so you know dont write that you have it just […]

Josh and Dylan

Josh and Dylan are my best friends from my new school.  Dylan plays kickball and football.  Josh took me to an airshow and we went swimming.  I usually go on the swings with Josh.

Patricks 20 funny moments

Patrick is a character from spongebob who has a video that`s realy funny.It has 20 funny stuff about him.Look underneath this comment and you will see this video


Goosebumps is a series of scary books and movies which are not even scary at all.  I watched a movie last night that was realy funny.  They sprayed this guy with a weed killer and he turned into a weed with three leaves. One of the leaves turned into a fist and then you hear an […]

Just in time from Justin

Hi, my name is Justin and I am Nathaniel’s friend from kindergarten.  This is my first time writing on this part of the website.  I take karate with Nathaniel and I just got my yellow belt.  I am 8 years old and am in 3rd grade but go to a different school as Nathaniel.  Thanks […]