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Being Sick

Hey guys, man I was sick, I wasn’t able to post for a while because I was sick. I had a chest problem, strep throat, watery eyes, a head ache, and more. I was just bad. Though, I’m all better! So now I can start posting again… yay! I will post more soon so stay […]

My second bike ride

My second bike ride was a blast! I was zooming through the trails, down hill, up hill, everywhere. I was doing so good. I conquered a really high cliff that was really fun. There were bumble bees every where, we heard coyotes, quails were running around, and the sweet smell of the creosote bushes. I […]

My first mountain bike ride

As you know I have been riding for a while in the mountains, but today I am going to share my experience on my first mountain bike ride! Well, when I first got to the mountain, I was nervous, I was really nervous. I honestly thought I was going to fall because of all the […]

New update for Minecraft

There is a new update that came out a couple of months ago. It came with, witches, horses, bats, donkeys, mules, new blocks, more red stone stuff. I’m mostly messing with the red stone. Its really fun. I’ve made my own building world that has troll faces, Goku, enderman statues, and more so I will […]

Ask me

Hey guys, its Nate here, I’m just letting you guys know that the contact me is always available, if you ever want to just ask me something. Or maybe you just want me to tell more about things, or you can even ask me if I can post more of something. I’ve got so many […]


Last year I had so much fun, I went to comicon! My family and I didn’t really dress up because it was our first time! Though, we saw Star wars, Assassins Creed, Star Trek, Walking Dead, Marvel, Dc, World of Warcraft, The lord of the rings, and so much more! My favorite was the Star […]

NP Academy

So, I’ve been at my school (sunset) from K through 6th. My friends have been telling me about this school that is a very good school, and its called NP Academy. I did some research on how go it was and I found that it was a triple A school. I think its a private school […]

Hey guys!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve not been posting, I’ve had so many things to do in the past years, like, now I’m into soccer! I do and go to many things now. I’m in student council at my school, I go mountain biking with my papa now! So I just decided to try and make time […]


Yesterday I had a huge fight in weapons at karate. When I got home I my face was as red as a tomato. I sparred with a second degree green belt he was pretty good though I got him a few times, then he got me a few. It was a really good work out, literally […]

My summer vacation 2013

Hey everybody its me Nate!  I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been to caught up in my awesome summer vacation.  Here is what I have done so far this summer. I went to a water park that looks like wetnwild but it had way better slides, and it had a yellow slide where you go down […]

minecraft update!!!

Ok If you dont know the new Minecraft update just came out with Oak wood planks, spruce wood planks, spruce slabs,oak slabs,wolf spawning eggs,creeper spawning eggs, spiders spawning eggs, and so much more. But beware the mighty enderdragon is here!! But sadly you can only fined its spawning world in strongholds. And theres no Oasulats in the update […]

Legends of Zelda twighlight Princess

Hello everybody I”m back. I have brought you a special post by me and Justin the post helper. It is called Legends of Zelda twighlight Princess. Its a pretty cool game and me and Justin are pretty much to finishing this game. But incase you dont know about the game Id rather you go to Walmart and […]

Christmas!!!!! It was Christmas!!!! It was awesome aaaaah!!!!

Christmas was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I got alot of awesome things. I got a Prime 8, a football, a gooey bug maker, a mario toy,  pokemon tooth brush, and a ninjago toy. I dont know the rest though. Oh yea I also got a spy watch. I spyed on my mom. Hehehehehe dont tell her that. And […]

My Birthday

My Birthday was awesome, because we went to LazerQuest. The friends that I invited were Xavier, Justin, Noah, Kaleb, Luke, Ethan, Desean, and Kris. The people that didnt come were Desean, Luke, Ethan, and Kris. Although it was really fun I got alot of presents, they were cool. I got computer headphones, a minecraft shirt, […]


Ok have you ever played Minecraft? Because it is the best block game on the Xbox360 in the world!! Lol its funny because I got my papa into Minecraft, we both built a huge castle its really awesome. And if u havent ever played it, there”s creative mode, survival mode, Updates, and enchantments. And for […]


Halloween was awesome!!!! I got lots of candy and everything. Do you know what I was for halloween? I was a werewolf, I looked cool. Well, do you know the show Teenwolf? Because if you do, contact me.  But, if you dont, ill tell you in the State Fair blog. But – back to what i was […]

1st day of school

Yay! It was my first day of school on Monday, it was so fun my teachers name is Mrs.Rodgers and she is so nice. The kids in my class are Ephraim, Devin, Brianna, Isabella, Isabel, Tyesha, Noah, Raiden,Vuong, Bianca, Geovonne, Isreal, Alfonso, Damian, Jimmy, John, Samone, Ali Alhadi, Abdula, Katlynn, Savannah, Desean, and Jaleryk. And […]

Haveing my uncle Steve and my cousin Patty here…

Two weeks ago I had my uncle Steve and my cousin Patty come down from Illinois. It was so fun because we wen’t swimming at midnight and played MW3. We also made really funny jokes and spent the night over at there second house. I went swimming like five times over there but Patty only swam once, […]

Jacob spending the night…

A few days ago, I had a friend named Jacob. Who wanted to  spend the night.  It was really fun, we both played on the DsiXLs and the Wii. The games we were playing was Pokemon, Mortal Kombat for the wii, Smash Bros.Brawl, and Call of Duty BP. But when it was night time my […]

Back in California

Surprise surprise. I’m back in California, well the reason I’m back in California is because my family has to take care of my papas cousins house. And his cousins are in Hawaii. Plus it is awesome here!!!! They have a big pool and a diving board, three cats, and one French Bull dog. And the good […]

Xbox night

On Monday night we had an Xbox night!!! We played Kenect sports, it was at papas house. We had so much fun, and my mom got 95 points on the game. And last time, she had 81 on the game. All I got was 42. Then I had to go to karate.

The school camp

Last week we had a school camp at school. We even got to bring our dsi’s,sleeping bags, and food. I brung 2 bags of Hot Cheetos. Our teacher,Ms.Douglas, told us really scary stories. They were so scary I screamed and ran out the room. We also made smores. They were good, after that we told […]

Lazer Quest

Last Friday I went to Lazer Quest. It was so so so so fun. 3 other kids came, a 12 year old, a 16 year old, and a 18,year old. There names were Andie,Ricky, and I didn’t no the oldest one. But when we started the game, we got big lazer guns. You also get […]


I remember when it was Easter. It was so fun. The Easter bunny also ate my eggs and left a foot print by the front door. And you don’t want to no where I found my easter basket that hold the presents. They were in…the… washing machine!! What was inside was a Xploder gun,2 trash […]

My brothers birthday

On May 5 it was my brothers birthday. We wen’t to David Busters, have you ever herd of that place? If you have just commet about David Busters when ever you like. Ok back to what I was talking about, ok , it was a long drive too. The poeple who were there were,mom,papa,nana,auntie,Alex,Lary,Barbra,Joe,and Candice. […]

I got a new kitten

On Thursday I got a new kitten her name is Sophy. And she’s really cute and she’s really funny like this morning she woke up and was playing with her tail. And she’s been running  around in the hallways and jumping on the beds and snuggling with me ,mom, auntie, and nana. The color of her […]


Ok I got amit I have alot of gogo’s. And I have 61 of them. But gogo’s are tiny toys that you line in a line and start flicking them at the other persons gogo’s. My friend Kaleb has 123 gogo’s, and Justin on the other hand has 1. But I also have golden gogo’s. And […]

Student of the month…

3 Weeks ago I got rewarded Student of the month. It was so awesome, and it was so awesome that my Papa and Alex came.  They even took a picture of me and put it in the hallway.   And when I got home I opened envolope  and I got a top, drawing paper, and a certificate.  […]

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is sort of  like Halloween, because you get a little bit of candy. Do you know what I got? I got,a magnite,a sucker,chocolate,gum,hot heads,and jolly ranchers. But I all most ate them all, and we also had a party and got to bring our Ds’s. But we went to the 4th graders parade,and […]

I got my brown belt…

Two weeks ago I got my brown belt!!!! But I worked really hard for it too. But also I had to do 40 punches and 20 kicks, and did you know in my karate class you have to be 16 to be a black belt. But theres only two brown belts in my class me […]

candy factory

On Wenesday we wen’t to a Candy Factory they had lots of candy like chocolate,mint,and peppermint. But it was all closed till 11 oclock so we went to a Antiqe store that had everything they also had a polar bear that was the second biggest in the world it took 20 bullets to kill it. […]

I went hiking

On Tuesday I went hiking with Justin and his family. It was really fun because we went to the top of the mountain. But I did need to get a refill a couple of times, but when we reached to the car we had to use the bathroomso we went but thier were no bathroom doors […]

Justins Orange belt…

I am so happy for Justin. Because he’s getting his orange belt today. But I just want to say that he’s a really good Karate student, everytime I box him or wrestle him he gets better  and better, and I even see it. But still im happy for him,  and I cant wate to go to […]

Christmas break…

The day before Christmas Eve. My school teacher gave us no school until Jan.9, do you know what I did for the past few days? I bloged,picked up doodo, played Mario and Sonic wii game, had Christmas Eve party,Christmas and alot more. But…its good to have a break for once from school,right. I got to […]

Merry Christmas…

Christmas was so awesome dont you agree? I got alot of stuff,I got, Modern Warfere 3, SkyEye from Santa because it had a sticker that said from Santa to Nathaniel, and4 dsi xl games, Bayblade, candy,mints,remote contral car, Airwarrior gun, and a 20 dollar bill.They were really cool stuff. I also went to my dads […]

My Birthday

Last Friday it was my birthday. Now im 9. Isnt that cool?. But, on Saturday I had my Birthdayparty it was awesome I got alot of presents,we also had cake with my face as a baby to a 8 year old. The flavor was strawberry and chocolate it was good,and we played the Xbox360 Kenect […]

Zoo lights

Last Friday we wen’t to Zoolights it was awesome!!!! We saw lots of light animals but we didn’t see alot of animals. Here are the people who were there Justin, little James,mom,antie,papa,nana,big James,Vanesa,Alex,  


Ok last week it was the greatest Thanksgiving ever! Their was alot of people too. Thier was18 people , but thier was turky,lots of pie,and fruit. We played games on the Xbox360Kenect we played UFC,lord of the Rings,Acecombat, and Castlecrashers it was really fun. But we also watched a movie called Tron Legacy it..was..awsesome!!!!!!!!! I played football with […]

Awesome Halloween!

I loved Halloween!!!!!!!!!! Wuhoooooooo! Happy Halloweenie hahahahaha. Im so hiper from all that candy, I have 235 pieces of candy isn’t that alot?!  My mom took me to go trick or treating for a while, after that I went with my friend Destinee and Adri and it fun! I also saw some of my other friends […]

I went to the State Fair!

Yesterday, my friend Justin, my mom, my papa, my nana, my antie, Larry, Barbra, Alex, Alex’s friend and I all went to the Arizona State Fair!  It was awesome, we played games and went on a lot of rides, we even went  on a the fares wheel, rollercoaster, and bumper cars.  We also went on this one […]

I learned how to use a drill…

Hey guess what, I finally learned how to use a drill. But it was my first time useing a drill at age8 isn’t that wierd.My papa tot me how and it was hard because I was helping my papa get the fishtank ready. So when I stoped helping I dicided to practice on a peace […]

I have a week off from school

Do you know whats cool? I don’t have school for a whole week and on Sunday I went to the movie theaters with my dad and my friend Kaleb. We also saw ReelSteel you know the robot boxing movie on comershules, thats the movie we saw it was awesome it was 3 hours, and I […]

It was Sam’s birthday…

On Saturday, we had a Marvel birthday party for Sam and we decorated the whole house!  It was awesome, and there were lots of kids. some of their names were Justin, Kaleb, and Kaiden. Justin was Captain America, Kaleb was Bumblebee, Kaiden was Superboy and I was Mighty Thor! My Nana was Electra, my Papa was Worshock, my […]

Assembly at my school…

Do you know whats fun? We always have assembly on the first friday of the month. But the reasen why its fun is because you get to anuonce who gets a ribben and anounce who gets a packege for student of the month. And say the Pledge of Alegence,  sing the Star Spangled Banner,but I […]

I adopted a puppy

I am so,so,so happy. Do you know why? I… adopted a dog!!!!! Well the sad part is that I found her by a pom tree when I was on my way home and right when I went by my my nanas and papas home,  it was right thier, so then I wen’t to the the car […]

Justin is a member of my website

Do you know whats cool? Justin is now a member of my website, we also gave him a login in password and everything atleast you can check it out on my website its called just in time ok. Well I guess we are gonna be a little popular alright ;o oh I almost forgot to […]

Justin is now a yellow belt

Im so happy for justin! Hes my friend and now he’s a yellow belt. I wonder what he looks like with a yellow belt, well I guess its not that important but it is exciting and awesome. I’m also grateful for you Justin, goodluck.

I went to Bearizona

Last Saturday I went to Bearizona. It was a long trip to flagstaff cant you believe it, it was all the way in flagstaff. It was awesome. We went threw a drive-threw zoo. during the drive-threw, we saw a Arctic  wolves with out the gate and it was right by our truck. Then we saw three bison. After […]

My yoyo

last week I got a Ned yoyo its really cool. It yos really well when you throw it hard it stay there then comes up by its self. Its an awesome,yoyo Im even aloud to do it at school with my friends. Also my friends even have one they have different ones a ,cosmic spin,glow in […]


Last week I made candy towers with my friend it was fun. We made the biggest candy tower ever but we got in 2 place also we got candy! But we didn’t get to eat it until school was over.

First day of school

Two weeks ago it was the first day of school. It was a awesome day we made candy towers we had spaghetti. I like my teacher her name is Ms. Douglas, she is a nice teacher. I also have some friends from last year their names are Kassidy, MaryJo, Kris, Jimmy, Katlynn, James, Jacob, Devin, Luke, last […]

Yesterday we played volleyball…

Yesterday we went to the park to play vollyball and something else that was called Badminton.

What I did this summer…

When I was in summer it was fun. Also I played Call of Duty I also got a new scooter that I love, when I rode it it was like riding a pillow. And I got a new belt from karate and it’s green.  Tomorrow I’m going to my friends house man its just getting […]

I’m getting ready for school

On July 1, I started getting ready for school. Now tomorrow is my reading day, then the next day is math day.  Its gonna be fun but the math paper is gonna be hard.  So far I read some Pokemon Books, Dragon Books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books and Harry Potter.  I have also been […]

Justin joined karate…

On Wednesday my friend Justin joined my karate class. I was a so excited that he finally came. Then class started, and  then after class was done we did “dance” (Kata) practice. After we were done, me and Justin wrestled. It was fun He is doing great, and we did do a lot of work.

chick chick chicken

just a pack of funny chicken videos

water party…

On Saturday we had a water party. It was fun because we had alot of water guns and food. When I got on the slip & slide, I didn’t even slide but I did slip alot. I was very wet too.  When my papa came on,  he started to jump and the whole  thing was shaking […]

I went to California

I went to California on Thursday and we had a crazy and long trip, we had to go 299 miles. It was just a long trip. When we got there it was probably 7:00 clock. When we were in the room the air conditionaing wasn’t working so we went to the office and the guy seemed to forget us […]

When I went to my cousins house

Last week I went to my cousins house. Me and my cousen Paddy played Call of Duty BO, it means Blackops. Then we went on webcam, I don’t really know what it means but I do know that I had fun because I went swimming.  When I jumped in, I accidently splashed her. I also was […]

My anties birthday party……

Yesterday, we had my anties birthday party  it was fun. My friend Justin was there it was a 80’s party I didn’t  really dress up. Oh and my friend Jacob was there he dressed and Justin did too.  We had fun and we played call of duty mw2 that was fun. We took   3 pictures […]

I went to a magic show…and more

A few days ago I went to a magic show with Justin. But this is really cool I saw my friend from karate there but she left early. But the magishun called out a volenteer he picked a kid name Nathaniel And Nathaniel took out a dollar the magishun threw  the dollar and it vanished […]

When I was at my Sensei’s party

On Friday night My mom spiked my hair and me and my papa and nana went to my Sensei’s birthday party. The restraunte was called Ah-so but this chef cooked right in front of us and he made the meat talk to me. Then he took a shrimp and tried to throw it into my […]

When I washed my Papa’s car

Yesterday I washed my Papa’s car. I asked my Papa if my friend Adri could help me wash his car. He said, “Yes!”. So I went to Adri’s house and to see if she could help me wash my Papa’s car. She said, “Yes!” and came over and sprayed me with the hose. So I […]

A Day with my Auntie. . .

A few days ago I had a day with my auntie. But she surprised me and the cool part was that we saw Thor it was a really good movie. After the movie we went to my favorite bo0k store Borders! Me and my auntie bought  the movie Ramona and Beezes and also bought madlibs. And we […]

I got out of school

You know I got out of school last Wensaday I’m having somuch fun I just got back inside from our water balloon fight.Today I went on a electric bikewe went to the park,and nanas house in June my family will be going on a vacation.

this year I’m going

This year I am going on a vacation to California. On June 2oth we are going to  stay at a hotel. It’s going to be so fun. We might go to Disneyland and get toys but we might not go to California.

Reading Olympics

Yesterday I got a medal at my school. And it was gold medal and I had to squeeze in with my friends on stage. Did I ever tell you I had a phone? Well I do, and I brought it with me.  When my teacher called me up to the stage to give me my medal, I came down […]

Monkey Quest

I love monkeyquest because you can be a monkey. If you love that game you maybe at home screaming monkeyquest! I joined monkeyquest last week. When I started I was so happy I could even eat a hole monkey.

I like pokemon

I love pokemon but don’t laugh at me because I like pokemon. Me, Kris, Ali,and Kaleb – well I, almost got the big card from Kristopher ,but instead I got a dark one. Do you know how many pokemon cards I have? I have 342.

Water Park

I love the water park a few days ago we went to the water park. I saw my friends from school there and I got really soaked. I also use a water gun kids kept on running  through the water I also sat on a water pipe and it squirted water at me then I […]


I love project because you can play on the computer and play chess. But the thing I really like to do is play chess but me and Maryjogo to project Maryjo is my friend the thing that gets boring is I always win. Thats what gets boring well its my bed time so goodnight to […]

favorite things

 what is your favorite color, food, toys, books, even games?  Ill tell you what mine is. My favorite color is black and white and food is burittos, Jr bacon cheese burger, Diary of a Wimpy kid and call of duty black ops and call of duty modern wafare 2. Thats mine,  whats yours? Just post […]

I can use my mind

Hey you guys, I can us myMIND . Because  yesterday I asked my nana if she could play with with me but she couldnt so I had an idea. I thought to take three wii remotes and turn them on and put them in my pocket and run with wii Fit, and I did.  I raced against […]

The concert

I went to a concert on Saturday with my Mom.   I had to wear ear plugs.  I went to see Corvus the band but everybody kept on pushing me to get there way and kept blocking me so we had to leave.  We also went to Peter Piper Pizza had pizza, played games and had fun!

The Ostrich Fair

 The ostrich fair was so cool I even saw Fredie from iCarly I got a picture of him and me. And there was cool rides there I went into this house of  mirrors  and I ran into a mirror it was hard to find my way out and I went on a superman ride where […]

Extinct Animals

You know that dodo birds were not alive anymore. Even mamoths too. That is what I learnd. So be caurful,  they could  come  alive  again they might peck you.

What I did at my friend Justins house

Just to let you know my friend Justins house is very big. Today me and Justin were playing the wii we played wii party it was fun. Then we played hide and go seek it was fun. And we also played out side we were playing with a toy rocket, unfortunately I got the rocket […]

The life about chimpanzees

Today at school I learned about chimpanzees they also use tools. They use leafs, stems, and twigs they use leaves to drink water from streams and they also wipe there butt with leaves! Also they use stems to dig up termites and eat them.

the bee

Today I learned a lot about bees. We  read a book and watched a movie.The movie was creepy to me.  I fell asleep my friend Braxton woke me up. I learned when the queen bee lays eggs her eggs are twice as small than a crumb. Also the bees legs are baskets because they carry honey.

My Ology books

I have some Ology books. I have Dragonology, Wizardology,Monsterolgy,  and Pirateology. Well that is all, and I love them to and if you think they are cool go to the book store and get some.  My Auntie is the one who gave me them to me.

That is a mean ice cream truck!

We said, hey come back you mean ice cream truck… oh hello.   Me and my friend were waiting for the ice cream truck and we heard it around the block but it never even came to my block.  I had to wait for a hour in back of the truck and if you laugh it is not funny, […]

The field trip

Oh yah uh hu o hello…  Im going to a field trip at school, we are going to the wildlife world zoo aquarium. I have never been there before and its gonna be so much fun I can hardly wait. There’s gonna be stingrays, lions, jaguaurs, monkeys and reptiles. Oh, I forgot I have to pack […]

Karate was awesome

Oh my gosh karate was awesome I did boxing I was boxing Kyle and I beat Kyle at boxing and Chance at wrestling  even Edward. So you don’t ever want to box me because I think I kind of hurt kyle I dont know, so that is why. And my papa made a video so I […]

Moshi Monsters

Moshi monsters is a pretty fun game. My friend Kaleb is on moshi monsters so I thought if hes on moshi monsters .Then maybe I could go on it so I did but I had to wait untill the next day then I got two go on moshi monsters I picked furi hes really furi […]


today I learned regrouping with candy it was fun but I was done I got to eat it all we use marshmellows and redlines but  we had to take the redlines a part then I was done and we ate them but sorry thats all I can think of  by.

on Sunday

On Sunday morning we went to see a water fall and it was a half a mile. We went to the white tank mountain but when we were close to the waterfall my legs started to hurt. Then we were there and there was no water it was all dried up. Then we had to […]

New years eve

On new years eve me and my mom stayed up all night and played video games all night like Raving Rabbits Go Home almost to the top of the moon. It said two players on the  back of the case, but it really wasn’t. You can spray the rabbit all orange – don’t ever do this.  […]

I had a awesome Christmas

I had a awesome Christmas I got a spynet toy and nerf and another nerf gun and I got altoids. I got lots of cool stuff  but I dont want to tell you everything because it will take a long time. but I will tell you is that my mom scared me when she woke me […]

Its almost my birthday

Next week on the 16th is my birthday yay. I can’t ask for presents because if I do then I probly won’t  get it. So if anyone wants to send down a present I don’t mind but you don’t have to.

When I spended the night at Kalebs house.

On Saturday I spendt the night at Kalebs house. And we played the Wii. We played Super Smash Bros. We also watched tv but most of all we played our DS games. Then on Sunday I forgot to say hi to my dad then I said hi and stayed over there for a while and […]

I made a turkey.

Today I made a turkey it was really fun.I made a long leg turkey and I wish I had two turkeys to make. but someone copied my turkey. I wish no one copied mine but a kid named Brandon copied mine.

All the things I did at school today

At school I went to music.  The music teacher showed us the tuba, the french horn, and the trumpet.  All of the instruments were so loud.  I got to feel the vibration.  When I sat down and the tuba was playing I could feel the vibration on my seat.

My helicopter

I got a new helicopter on Wednesday we got two helicopters. My papa broke his already but I did’nt because I keep mine slow and steady. Our helicopters color is yellow. Today my helicopter is still not broken and my Antie bought me drawing paper, their really big. I took two pieces of paper and […]

I just dont know

Ok i’m suppose to write a blog today, but  I just dont know what to write. I wrote about karate, about my brother, and I even wrote about bacon. I think I must have writers block, at least thats what my papa says. So, I thought I would ask you. what would you like me to write about. […]

Soldier Dane

Yesterday we had a soldier come in our classroom his name is Soldier Dane.  He’s the captain of  his team and he was a Marine. He just now got out of boot camp. He’s ben training for two years and he told us that he does Martial Arts, and he was wearing a really cool suit, it looked […]

Halloween was cool

Halloween is cool. I was a soldier for halloween and I got 50 pieces of candy and I rested for a while.  Then I went to go  trick or treat.  I saw Adri  – Adri was a monster hi cheerleader it was freaky. But she actually looked funny.  She and I stared at each other  […]

I love Bacon!

I eat bacon. I eat bacon on my pancakes I eat bacon all the time. I eat bacon everywhere. I eat bacon before karate. I think about bacon.  I am bacon!

whole numbers

I learnd whole numbers today. Some whole numbers are 2,4,6,8,10,20. whole numbers that are even numbers can be dividid by two. It was a good day at school.

All about me

Yesterday a lizard was on my pants and there was a really really big lizard in the bathroom. But when I got to class I sat down to do my work and when I looked in my desk there was a lizard on my pants. And everybody noticed that I put on colone today and today was […]

My friends

My friends are really nice.  My friends are Adri Justin Maryjo and Kaleb those are all my friends. But some day they will have a website, would you like to have a website? Sometimes my friends come to my house but I wish they came over right now.  When your friends come over what do you guys […]