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I got a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayy!!! I just got a new puppy today. She has the prettiest colors ever! She is covered in black and she has white going down her neck. She”s very pretty. Right now she”s sleeping, and she”s only 2 months old. But she has stiches right now because she just got fixed before we got her. […]


Two days ago I went trick or treating.  I went with my buddy Ruth (aka not a girl a boy) and I do not LOVE him ( that would be so weird!) You know what else, my friend Alex helped me with this thing (he is a boy OK?!!!!!) comment me if this is stupid. […]

Nate’s Next Karate Video

Nate has taken his Karate to the next level and is putting on a display of skill in this new video (see below) we could barely have imagined just a few months ago. The video shows Nate sparing with a class mate while Sensei Jiro Shiroma looks on and provides both guidance and instruction.  I had […]

Nate’s Karate Video!

Check out this short video I put together for Nate showing off his new Karate skills. It’s nothing short of amazing, considering he has only been in Karate for less than two months – we are all very proud of him.