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Ask me

Hey guys, its Nate here, I’m just letting you guys know that the contact me is always available, if you ever want to just ask me something. Or maybe you just want me to tell more about things, or you can even ask me if I can post more of something. I’ve got so many […]

Hey guys!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve not been posting, I’ve had so many things to do in the past years, like, now I’m into soccer! I do and go to many things now. I’m in student council at my school, I go mountain biking with my papa now! So I just decided to try and make time […]

What’s going on!!!!!

Hey guys whats up, sorry me and Nate haven’t posted in a while. We were all busy and stuff. There’s one reason I haven’t posted, Im in the CCDI Program at school. CCDI is basicially like p.i., except it’s all day.  Also AIMS is this week for me. I hope I do good on this. […]

Tara and melissa

My two new friends (Tara might be my Gf,) on roblox. We make videos together, and its really fun to hang out with these two.


Yesterday I had a huge fight in weapons at karate. When I got home I my face was as red as a tomato. I sparred with a second degree green belt he was pretty good though I got him a few times, then he got me a few. It was a really good work out, literally […]

My summer vacation 2013

Hey everybody its me Nate!  I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been to caught up in my awesome summer vacation.  Here is what I have done so far this summer. I went to a water park that looks like wetnwild but it had way better slides, and it had a yellow slide where you go down […]

minecraft update!!!

Ok If you dont know the new Minecraft update just came out with Oak wood planks, spruce wood planks, spruce slabs,oak slabs,wolf spawning eggs,creeper spawning eggs, spiders spawning eggs, and so much more. But beware the mighty enderdragon is here!! But sadly you can only fined its spawning world in strongholds. And theres no Oasulats in the update […]

Legends of Zelda twighlight Princess

Hello everybody I”m back. I have brought you a special post by me and Justin the post helper. It is called Legends of Zelda twighlight Princess. Its a pretty cool game and me and Justin are pretty much to finishing this game. But incase you dont know about the game Id rather you go to Walmart and […]


I go to p.i. at my school. This is a program where a lot of creative kids in the whole school go to one class. One day we had to write fortune cookies. My favorite one was “I stole your face”. I also liked my other one that said “you found Nemo!”. The other kids […]

Roblox is funny

A game called roblox. This game is so fun online. My favorite game is be a parent, kid, or pet. I like it because one time me and my friend Dylan were dressed as babies and Dylan peed on the dog and it chased us to our house! But then Dylan hid in our mom’s […]

Christmas!!!!! It was Christmas!!!! It was awesome aaaaah!!!!

Christmas was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I got alot of awesome things. I got a Prime 8, a football, a gooey bug maker, a mario toy,  pokemon tooth brush, and a ninjago toy. I dont know the rest though. Oh yea I also got a spy watch. I spyed on my mom. Hehehehehe dont tell her that. And […]

My Birthday

My Birthday was awesome, because we went to LazerQuest. The friends that I invited were Xavier, Justin, Noah, Kaleb, Luke, Ethan, Desean, and Kris. The people that didnt come were Desean, Luke, Ethan, and Kris. Although it was really fun I got alot of presents, they were cool. I got computer headphones, a minecraft shirt, […]


Ok have you ever played Minecraft? Because it is the best block game on the Xbox360 in the world!! Lol its funny because I got my papa into Minecraft, we both built a huge castle its really awesome. And if u havent ever played it, there”s creative mode, survival mode, Updates, and enchantments. And for […]

I got a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayy!!! I just got a new puppy today. She has the prettiest colors ever! She is covered in black and she has white going down her neck. She”s very pretty. Right now she”s sleeping, and she”s only 2 months old. But she has stiches right now because she just got fixed before we got her. […]


Halloween was awesome!!!! I got lots of candy and everything. Do you know what I was for halloween? I was a werewolf, I looked cool. Well, do you know the show Teenwolf? Because if you do, contact me.  But, if you dont, ill tell you in the State Fair blog. But – back to what i was […]

Super smash bros brawl

Super smash bros brawl is a fun video game combined with characters from lots of other video games. For example ness from Earthbound or Lucas from Mother 3 (japan only) and it’s really fun

I am sorry

I am sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time so I will blog right now.

1st day of school

Yay! It was my first day of school on Monday, it was so fun my teachers name is Mrs.Rodgers and she is so nice. The kids in my class are Ephraim, Devin, Brianna, Isabella, Isabel, Tyesha, Noah, Raiden,Vuong, Bianca, Geovonne, Isreal, Alfonso, Damian, Jimmy, John, Samone, Ali Alhadi, Abdula, Katlynn, Savannah, Desean, and Jaleryk. And […]


Christmas was awesome. I got lots of toys and stuff. I got two realy awesome video games.  There names were Just dance 3 and disney universe.  I also got the doctor dreadfuls zombie lab.  It tasted realy gooooooooooooood! The barf was my favorite one. bye!

Zoo lights

Last Friday we wen’t to Zoolights it was awesome!!!! We saw lots of light animals but we didn’t see alot of animals. Here are the people who were there Justin, little James,mom,antie,papa,nana,big James,Vanesa,Alex,  

arizona state fair

I went to the state fair with Nathaniel!   We went on a feris wheel that goes two hundred feet.  Two hundred feet is realy high.  We also went on a thing that goes so fast it sticks yu to the wall.  The scariest ride we went on was a swing that goes realy high.  We […]

Awesome Halloween!

I loved Halloween!!!!!!!!!! Wuhoooooooo! Happy Halloweenie hahahahaha. Im so hiper from all that candy, I have 235 pieces of candy isn’t that alot?!  My mom took me to go trick or treating for a while, after that I went with my friend Destinee and Adri and it fun! I also saw some of my other friends […]

Justin is a member of my website

Do you know whats cool? Justin is now a member of my website, we also gave him a login in password and everything atleast you can check it out on my website its called just in time ok. Well I guess we are gonna be a little popular alright ;o oh I almost forgot to […]

Justin is now a yellow belt

Im so happy for justin! Hes my friend and now he’s a yellow belt. I wonder what he looks like with a yellow belt, well I guess its not that important but it is exciting and awesome. I’m also grateful for you Justin, goodluck.

Justin joined karate…

On Wednesday my friend Justin joined my karate class. I was a so excited that he finally came. Then class started, and  then after class was done we did “dance” (Kata) practice. After we were done, me and Justin wrestled. It was fun He is doing great, and we did do a lot of work.

I went to a magic show…and more

A few days ago I went to a magic show with Justin. But this is really cool I saw my friend from karate there but she left early. But the magishun called out a volenteer he picked a kid name Nathaniel And Nathaniel took out a dollar the magishun threw  the dollar and it vanished […]

A Day with my Auntie. . .

A few days ago I had a day with my auntie. But she surprised me and the cool part was that we saw Thor it was a really good movie. After the movie we went to my favorite bo0k store Borders! Me and my auntie bought  the movie Ramona and Beezes and also bought madlibs. And we […]

What I did at my friend Justins house

Just to let you know my friend Justins house is very big. Today me and Justin were playing the wii we played wii party it was fun. Then we played hide and go seek it was fun. And we also played out side we were playing with a toy rocket, unfortunately I got the rocket […]

My baby brother

My baby brother is so crazy and yesterday my brother smacked me on my two eyeballs.  My brother wrestles me and he hits my cat too. Hes just  crazy to my mom, my Antie, my nana and me. He sometimes good and sometimes bad. But when he takes a nap he sometimes sleeps for two ours or three […]