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Halloween was awesome!!!! I got lots of candy and everything. Do you know what I was for halloween? I was a werewolf, I looked cool. Well, do you know the show Teenwolf? Because if you do, contact me.  But, if you dont, ill tell you in the State Fair blog. But – back to what i was […]

I learned how to use a drill…

Hey guess what, I finally learned how to use a drill. But it was my first time useing a drill at age8 isn’t that wierd.My papa tot me how and it was hard because I was helping my papa get the fishtank ready. So when I stoped helping I dicided to practice on a peace […]

Assembly at my school…

Do you know whats fun? We always have assembly on the first friday of the month. But the reasen why its fun is because you get to anuonce who gets a ribben and anounce who gets a packege for student of the month. And say the Pledge of Alegence,  sing the Star Spangled Banner,but I […]

First day of school

Two weeks ago it was the first day of school. It was a awesome day we made candy towers we had spaghetti. I like my teacher her name is Ms. Douglas, she is a nice teacher. I also have some friends from last year their names are Kassidy, MaryJo, Kris, Jimmy, Katlynn, James, Jacob, Devin, Luke, last […]

I’m getting ready for school

On July 1, I started getting ready for school. Now tomorrow is my reading day, then the next day is math day.  Its gonna be fun but the math paper is gonna be hard.  So far I read some Pokemon Books, Dragon Books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books and Harry Potter.  I have also been […]

The life about chimpanzees

Today at school I learned about chimpanzees they also use tools. They use leafs, stems, and twigs they use leaves to drink water from streams and they also wipe there butt with leaves! Also they use stems to dig up termites and eat them.

the bee

Today I learned a lot about bees. We  read a book and watched a movie.The movie was creepy to me.  I fell asleep my friend Braxton woke me up. I learned when the queen bee lays eggs her eggs are twice as small than a crumb. Also the bees legs are baskets because they carry honey.


today I learned regrouping with candy it was fun but I was done I got to eat it all we use marshmellows and redlines but  we had to take the redlines a part then I was done and we ate them but sorry thats all I can think of  by.

All the things I did at school today

At school I went to music.  The music teacher showed us the tuba, the french horn, and the trumpet.  All of the instruments were so loud.  I got to feel the vibration.  When I sat down and the tuba was playing I could feel the vibration on my seat.

whole numbers

I learnd whole numbers today. Some whole numbers are 2,4,6,8,10,20. whole numbers that are even numbers can be dividid by two. It was a good day at school.

School is the same every day.

I can’t believe school is the same every day. Is it weird I want it  to be different?

The same thing from yesterday

Today we did the same thing today it was weird, right?  But it was a good day and I liked it.


I finilly finished the America packit it was like you had to write about America it was kind of fun. But drawing it is fun.


At school today I had a doughnut and I did two spelling test one was four pages. And the other one was short.

Learned about America

Today I learned at school is America and about the bald eagle too and I learned a lot.

Math and Frogs

today at school,i was doing math and thinking about frogs. I’m not really sure why.

Double Bubble!

What I learned today is a dubble bubble map. A dubble bubble map is character map with writting on top of it.


What I learnd at school today is writing long words like “Drawing” and “writing”.   I also learned some hard math.

Adding and minusing with words

When I got to school today I did morning work that was hard in math. We did addition and subtraction where we had to read and then circle groups of things. I leaned how to ready word problems.

At School today

The  first  thing  I  did  this morning is  I wrote  a  sentece  that  said  I like  to  run  in  the  puddles  is  fun.  After that I did so  many things I  can’t  remember them all.