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Yesterday I had a huge fight in weapons at karate. When I got home I my face was as red as a tomato. I sparred with a second degree green belt he was pretty good though I got him a few times, then he got me a few. It was a really good work out, literally […]

January 6th Read ››

Justins Orange belt…

I am so happy for Justin. Because he’s getting his orange belt today. But I just want to say that he’s a really good Karate student, everytime I box him or wrestle him he gets better  and better, and I even see it. But still im happy for him,  and I cant wate to go to […]

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Justin is now a yellow belt

Im so happy for justin! Hes my friend and now he’s a yellow belt. I wonder what he looks like with a yellow belt, well I guess its not that important but it is exciting and awesome. I’m also grateful for you Justin, goodluck.

Nate and Justine
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Justin joined karate…

On Wednesday my friend Justin joined my karate class. I was a so excited that he finally came. Then class started, and  then after class was done we did “dance” (Kata) practice. After we were done, me and Justin wrestled. It was fun He is doing great, and we did do a lot of work.

Nate's Kick boxing video
February 16th Read ››

Karate was awesome

Oh my gosh karate was awesome I did boxing I was boxing Kyle and I beat Kyle at boxing and Chance at wrestling  even Edward. So you don’t ever want to box me because I think I kind of hurt kyle I dont know, so that is why. And my papa made a video so I […]

Nate's Kick boxing video
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Nate’s Next Karate Video

Nate has taken his Karate to the next level and is putting on a display of skill in this new video (see below) we could barely have imagined just a few months ago. The video shows Nate sparing with a class mate while Sensei Jiro Shiroma looks on and provides both guidance and instruction.  I had […]

Me at Karate
October 13th Read ››

I was the only one at karate today

I was the only one at Karate today because Isaac and Kyle and Ken don’t come on Wednesdays any more. I think Isaac doesn’t come on Wednesday because he has hockey and kung fu, and Ken has football. So thats all I remeber from karate today so have a good one –  bye.

Doing my Kata
October 7th Read ››

Karate was a short

Karate was short today but I don’t know why it was short. Do you know why  it was short? But if you do not know then thats okay. But papa at karate today it was short for me. But it was still fun for me.

Nate and Sensei
October 6th Read ››

Karate is cool

Karate is cool! But why is it so cooooool? I know  you get to do power punches.   And if you have all the belts already.  Those belts are really important. Now do you see what it means?  And karate is very important.

metnos - the fresh maker
September 27th Read ››

Mentos and Karate

When I find mentos in my karate bag I eat them all. And when Isaac saw them he wanted three.  Im serious he wanted three because He loves them!

Nate Achieves 8th Kyu (Orange Belt)
September 24th Read ››

Orange Belt

Nate received his orange belt today!  He has worked very hard and it shows in his movements and self-confidence.  I could not be a more proud grandparent.  Congratulations Nate, well done!  

September 22nd Read ››

Karate was weird

Karate was weird today because I was the only one there.  No Isaac no Ken no Kyle isnt that weird? If you are in karate and you were the only one there, would you freak out because you were all alone?

Nate Sparing with Sensie
September 13th Read ››

Karate was fun

Today at karate I had a private lesson. I got to box with Sensei it was fun! My papa was there too and he said he was proud of me. It made me feel happy.

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At karate today I wrestled  Isaac. He  Was to big for me but I stade on him pretty good. It was fun.

Big Sumo vs little sumo
September 7th Read ››

Lines in a Circle

At karate today I learned how to do boxing with white lines that’s a circle, I think my Sensei called it sumo wrestling. And you can’t fall out of the circle or else you get two more trys.

August 26th Read ››

Nate’s Karate Video!

Check out this short video I put together for Nate showing off his new Karate skills. It’s nothing short of amazing, considering he has only been in Karate for less than two months – we are all very proud of him. 

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When I was at Karate today I got to do my kata.

Nate Gets Yellow Belt
August 16th Read ››

At Karate today

I  learned to  do a cutkick  today but  we didn’t  get  to  box.  I received my yellow belt today.