My Mind on my Minecraft,

and my Minecraft on my Mind.

April 30th Read ››

New update for Minecraft

There is a new update that came out a couple of months ago. It came with, witches, horses, bats, donkeys, mules, new blocks, more red stone stuff. I’m mostly messing with the red stone. Its really fun. I’ve made my own building world that has troll faces, Goku, enderman statues, and more so I will […]

April 5th Read ››

minecraft update!!!

Ok If you dont know the new Minecraft update just came out with Oak wood planks, spruce wood planks, spruce slabs,oak slabs,wolf spawning eggs,creeper spawning eggs, spiders spawning eggs, and so much more. But beware the mighty enderdragon is here!! But sadly you can only fined its spawning world in strongholds. And theres no Oasulats in the update […]

March 19th Read ››

I can swing my sword

This video is a funny minecraft parody with a diamond sword! This is made from tobuscus videos.

January 2nd Read ››


Ok have you ever played Minecraft? Because it is the best block game on the Xbox360 in the world!! Lol its funny because I got my papa into Minecraft, we both built a huge castle its really awesome. And if u havent ever played it, there”s creative mode, survival mode, Updates, and enchantments. And for […]