My first mountain bike ride

635628187075465043_jpgAs you know I have been riding for a while in the mountains, but today I am going to share my experience on my first mountain bike ride! Well, when I first got to the mountain, I was nervous, I was really nervous.

I honestly thought I was going to fall because of all the rocks, dirt, boulders, and the plants. Though that did not happen. when I got onto the trail, papa took me to a very easy straight part. He warned me about down hills and up hills, and he was telling me about my mountain gears on my bike, he was just giving me a lot of advice and things to do so I don’t fall. Which actually made me feel much better. So then the end of the trail was coming, and at the end was a large down hill ( it was large to me because it was my first down hill, not really to papa.) as I made it to the end I kind of tapped my brakes so I wouldn’t go speeding down, and I went. Racing down the hill thinking I was going to fall. Though I didn’t! I didn’t fall of my bike on the hill. That was when, I conquered my first hill.

So after that papa took me into up hills which was really hard because my legs were burning after, and there was boulders and rocks and dips every where. Then, again I didn’t fall. We went around the mini trail for quite a while, and I got the hang of down hills and up hills. Now, I am really good at it. Papa takes me on really long trails, medium trails, fast trails, many different parts of trails. Papa has really helped me get better at this. He also brings his friends to help me along the way. So thank you for reading this and hope I will post more, byyye!!!


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