Christmas!!!!! It was Christmas!!!! It was awesome aaaaah!!!!

Christmas was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I got alot of awesome things. I got a Prime 8, a football, a gooey bug maker, a mario toy,  pokemon tooth brush, and a ninjago toy. I dont know the rest though. Oh yea I also got a spy watch. I spyed on my mom. Hehehehehe dont tell her that. And I also got a new Tony Hawk bike its awesome. And then I rote it around the block. But I also got a letter from one of Santa”s elves it said, Nathaniel,

Sorry about the smash box one of the reindeers sat on it. Maybe when you grow up maybe you can come visit us at the Northpole.


(elf incharge) Isnt that cool? I got a letter from Jingle! Oh yea at my dads house I got a 3DsXL, with paper Mario, I got another Xbox controller, I got Call of duty Blackops 2, and I got a new wii censer. Because the old one I had was that my Grandma sucked it into her vacume. And I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas s goodbye.


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