Halloween was awesome!!!! I got lots of candy and everything.

Do you know what I was for halloween? I was a werewolf, I looked cool. Well, do you know the show Teenwolf? Because if you do, contact me.  But, if you dont, ill tell you in the State Fair blog.

But – back to what i was talking about.  Ok so, you guys all know my baby brother right? if you dont he’s Dominic, he’s little, cute, and funny. But really if you dont you should read my baby brother blog,ok. Hahahahahahaha why do I keep going off task ok now back to what im saying, …. ok so my brother was a police man. He go0t some candy but I got alot I even got a giant Kit Kat, and it was king size. Aaaahhh nothing like halloween. Ok I am done with this blog so if you like it please comment and I will check sooo goodbye!!!!!!


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