Ok have you ever played Minecraft? Because it is the best block game on the Xbox360 in the world!! Lol its funny because I got my papa into Minecraft, we both built a huge castle its really awesome. And if u havent ever played it, there”s creative mode, survival mode, Updates, and enchantments. And for the mobs that are bad guys,there are  Creepers that explode, Enderman that teloport, Skeleton that shoot arrows, and spiders that climb on top of your house, spider jokies that poison you, theres Zombies that eat you, theres pigmin that are pig/zombie/skeleton and they hold swords, and theres Gasp that shoot fire balls but pigmin and Gasp only live in the nether, and finally theres EnderDragons the fly around you. But theres one more and he”s not a mob he”s a Ghost/Zombie and he”s very dangerous. His name is Herobrine he has white eyes and haunts you, he”s very creepy. Theres also the creator of the gamehis name is Notch he”s a good guy. He also made another good guy his name is Steve he is very nice and he helps people like a hero. And finally theres animals there are pigs, cows, wolves that you can tame, and chicken. Theres also food like cookies, cake, raw steak, cooked steak, raw chicken, cooked chicken, golden apples, apples,bread, raw fish, cooked fish, mushroom soup, raw porkchops, and cooked porkchops. Ok now I dont want to spoil the game for you so im gonna let you figure it out on your own and now im gonna take a break from typing so fast and make another one today but its gonna be about my birthday. Ill write blogs about Minecraft some other time. So if you liked this blog contact me on the contact me catogory and if I get it I will post another one so bye. My hands hurt!!!!!!!


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