Yesterday I had a huge fight in weapons at karate. When I got home I my face was as red as a tomato. I sparred with a second degree green belt he was pretty good though I got him a few times, then he got me a few. It was a really good work out, literally my whole body was so red it was crazy. When we spar we don’t use steel wood we use foam katana we practice with steel wood Katana. Sometimes we use Bo sticks, you hold two and block with one and hit with the other. Sensei is starting to teach me about the staff, so far I’m doing good but I need a little help with spinning and striking. I have two weapons to learn still though is  the nunchuck  and dagger. All the weapons I’ve learned is a Katana, Bo sticks, and staff. So I’m doing good, oh and if anyone needs me to ask me anything or wants me to do something you can just type in a comment and Ill do it in m next blog so yeah so that’s it for this blog.


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