Last year I had so much fun, I went to comicon! My family and I didn’t really dress up because it was our first time! Though, we saw Star wars, Assassins Creed, Star Trek, Walking Dead, Marvel, Dc, World of Warcraft, The lord of the rings, and so much more! My favorite was the Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. Now, this year we are going again, and I’m coming prepared. I’m dressing up as steam punk. If you don’t really know what that is, I will try to maybe make a new category just for that or I’ll just blog about it, let me know in the contact me if you want. Anyway, so yeah I’m going as steam punk, and I’m going to take loads of pictures, and so much more, I’m so excited. I’m going to have new pictures and some pictures of comicon in the funny bones soon. Ill be posting more so byyye! OH, wait comment to me and see what you want me to post more of. Now bye!


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