I went to Bearizona

Bearizona ArizonaLast Saturday I went to Bearizona. It was a long trip to flagstaff cant you believe it, it was all the way in flagstaff. It was awesome. We went threw a drive-threw zoo. during the drive-threw, we saw a Arctic  wolves with out the gate and it was right by our truck. Then we saw three bison. After that, we saw mountain goats – they had big horns. Then we saw white bison out on the field then we saw more mountain goats, then we saw black bears up close it – was cool.

But, we saw the them with out the gate, one bear was testing the electric fence that we went through and I recorded the hole thing. then we stooped at the Bearizona park and store. We saw linx cats, baby racoons, worthogs, goats and big bunnys. Then we took a picture with everybody, then we went to the Bearizona store. And I got a suvuneer so I can remember Bearizona.



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