NP Academy

So, I’ve been at my school (sunset) from K through 6th. My friends have been telling me about this school that is a very good school, and its called NP Academy. I did some research on how go it was and I found that it was a triple A school. I think its a private school too. I signed up and waited to get my letter to see if I got accepted, soon I got my letter, and I read it and I got…. accepted! I visited the school I while ago, and its got a soccer team, football team, baseball team, softball team, robotics team, and basketball team. They even have a Café! They do so many things at that school. like when you into 8th grade, 2 days later in the beginning of school, you go on a field trip up north. oh, there is so many field trips, we get to go to, California, up north in Arizona, Catalina island, and so much more! There mascot is the Falcon. My school only goes to k-6.This school goes from 7-12. I’m so excited. Next year im going to be in 7th grade. I’ll post more on things so, byyyye!


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