Soldier Dane

I didnt have a pitcure of Soldier Dan, so heres one of Lutenit Dan

I didn't have a picture of Soldier Dane, so here's one of Lutenit Dan, He's the one on the left.

Yesterday we had a soldier come in our classroom his name is Soldier Dane.  He’s the captain of  his team and he was a Marine. He just now got out of boot camp. He’s ben training for two years and he told us that he does Martial Arts, and he was wearing a really cool suit, it looked like the Navy suit, it was really cool.

When we where at P.E., he raced the 5 th graders. He was so fast that he beet the 5th graders in a second.

Soldier Drawing

This is also not Soldier Dane, it's just a Soldier Drawing. I did it for class

PS. Soldier Dane, if you read this, please send me a picture of you so i can put it on my blog.


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