The life about chimpanzees

Today at school I learned about chimpanzees they also use tools. They use leafs, stems, and twigs they use leaves to drink water from streams and they also wipe there butt with leaves! Also they use stems to dig up termites and eat them.

Photo by: courtesy Jim Moore, University of California at San Diego

Pictured are sticks used as tools by savanna chimpanzees to excavate underground food resources. Tool-wielding savanna chimps of western Tanzania used these sticks to crack a tough layer of soil to excavate the underground storage organs - tubers, roots and bulbs - of plants as a food resource. The behavior by chimps to excavate underground food resources with tools has never been documented before, according to University of Wisconsin-Madison anthropologist Travis Pickering, and may resemble behaviors of the earliest hominids as they migrated from the forest to the African savanna five million years ago.


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